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What is Vcloud?

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What is Bitcoin Mining?
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Below are some of the Frequent asked questions about Vcloud mining.

  • Where is Vcloud Located.
    They are located in the USA and the mining rig that you purchase is hosted in the USA as well. What is hardware hosted mining? Hardware hosted mining enable users to mine for bitcoin without having to deal with the hassle of setting up and maintaining complex bitcoin mining hardware and software. It gives users access to the most powerful and efficient industrial bitcoin mining hardware and software, which is more cost efficient and allows them to make more profit than hosting their own miners.
  • Where do my rewards come from?
    As we use hash power to mine and validate transactions on the bitcoin network, we are rewarded by the bitcoin network with new bitcoins and transaction fees from transactions being sent on the network. All bitcoins we receive from this process will be divided and sent to contract holders proportional to their contract hash rate.
  • Why should I mine for bitcoins instead of just buying it?
    At the current Bitcoin to USD exchange rate, it is more profitable to mine for bitcoins instead of buying it. For your one time payment, you will be receiving bitcoin payouts for as long as the payout is enough to cover a low maintenance fee, which could be five years, ten years or even a lifetime. There is no specific end date. There is a possibility of receiving 2x, 3x, or even 10x more bitcoin when you mine rather than buying it.
  • Why should I use your service to mine instead of hosting the hardware to mine myself?
    With the boom in bitcoin pricing, it has attracted more people to mine bitcoin. With the increase in miners, the mining difficulty has increased, making it not profitable for individual miners. We use industrial mining hardware and data centers. We also have access to cheaper electricity cost, which is a major factor in bitcoin mining.
  • How much can I earn with VCloud’s reseller program?
    The earning potential with VCloud’s reseller program is limitless. How much you earn is dependent on how much effort you put in. There is no cap on how much sales commission you can make. Our compensation plan offers everyone a few ways to be compensated your their efforts, including a very lucrative residual income compensation. For more information regarding our Affiliate Reseller’s Program, please visit our Reseller’s Page.
  • How to create my first contract?
    Select the package with the hash power that best suits your needs and follow the instructions on the sign up page. When you buy a package, you will automatically be enrolled into our reseller program which allows you to earn unlimited commissions. It takes approximately 60 days or less for your mining contract to be activated. However, you can start earning daily commission from the re seller program starting today. For more information about out reseller program, please see our reseller page.
  • What is a Lifetime open-ended contract?
    For your one time payment, you will receive ownership of the ASIC chips performing at the specified hash rate and you will receive the rewards from the alloted hash power for as long as it is profitable (mining rewards are enough to cover maintenance fee). Profitability is determined by three factors: the mining difficulty, the Bitcoin to USD exchange rate and the maintenance fee. We cannot control the first two factors which are unpredictable, but we always use the latest mining technology and do our best to keep it running at maximum capacity for you. You could be paid for three years, ten years or even fifty years. The time length is unpredictable. At anytime you can have your ASIC chips shipped to you by paying a s/h fee.
  • Are there any fees?
    We only charge a low fixed maintenance fee of $0.000425/gh to keep all equipment operating at optimal conditions to allow you to maximize profits. Be aware that the fee is fixed in USD, but deducted from the payouts in BTC. After you have recouped your initial principal investment, a 70/30 profit share plan will be initiated on all contracts. We estimate that this will happen in about 12- 18 months, dependent on Bitcoin’s price. We will notify you if your contract is affected.
  • How much can I make with Bitcoin mining?
    As with every investment, your earnings are not guaranteed. How much you earn will be dependent on the mining difficulty and Bitcoin’s price, which is not something that we can control. To get an estimate of how much you can make, click here to use the bitcoin mining calculator. Remember to input the hash rate for your desired package.
  • When do I get payouts?
    Once mining operations begin on your contract, you will receive daily payouts of your mined bitcoin rewards. Commissions earned from our reseller program will be paid immediately and can be withdrawn every week.

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