VCloud Mining Affiliate Reseller Program Review

vcloud miningWhat’s so special about this bitcoin mining company?  We breakdown Vcloud’s mining program to you the affiliate.  Below are some of the things that we love about this Bitcoin mining system by VCloud. Vcloud is unique in the way that unlike traditional mining companies. With VCloud you actually are buying physical asic chip and they host it for you. Vcloud is not a CLOUD MINING COMPANY (Those companies are selling securities and can be deemed illegal) With VCLoud each plan allows you to have a certain chip that can be sent to you anytime that you request it to be sent back to you. Other so-called cloud mining companies only offer cloud services and you don’t actually own any hardware. Your plan also comes with a target hash power.

  1. You get to build two separate legs [Left and Right Leg ] that can earn you a lot of money in MASSIVE PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME..
  2. Life time contracts option if you want it – Unlike other programs, you can stay and earn with Vcloud for life.
  3. It’s free to sign up. You can sign up for Vcloud for free and test the waters before you spend a dime. If you purchase a package however, you will earn more commission too.
  4. There are multiple packages to purchase – You have a choice. From Free to join, $100 package to 5,000 dollar package.
  5. Each Package comes with different hash power. The Platinum plan is the best plan you can purchase if you really want to ramp up your bitcoin mining.
  6. They are not sold out. Even Genesis mining is sold out of all their contracts. Well, you don’t have that problem. Vcloud mining is open as of this post. See here to double check. 
  7. Packages are worth a set number of points and all your commissions will be paid based on the points of the package you sell.
  8. There are two types payouts that you can enjoy with Vcloud.  Direct sale- When someone buys from your link. You get paid a direct commission. Tiered Level Commission- When the person you refer sell something, you will get paid as well too.  See table structure here.
  9. Depending on what plan you purchase, you can potentially earn up to $10,000 per week with VCloud mining affiliate program
  10. Click on image for details. bitcoin cloud mining

Binary Bonus

Binary bonus is paid based on your team’s performance. To qualify for the binary bonus, you must personally refer two people that has purchased a package on each side of your binary. Meaning one paid recruit on your left leg and one paid on the right leg. If you don’t have those two paid recruits, you will miss out on this weekly bonus. Binary are based on points. You earn points by the packages you sell. If you sell a 5000 package, that’s equivalent to 5000 points.  Read more here.

vcloud mining review

Residual Income

You can earn 2 types of residual income.

  1. In the money hash power. On the mining contracts that you sell, you can earn up to four levels of residual income. However, the user has to begin to receive mining earnings for you to be paid on this.
  2. Referral Hash Power. Get a percentage of the hash power up to an extra 10% of additional to add to your current plan more details here.
  3. Since your subscribers  are required to use at least 30% of their mining income to purchase more ASIC chips for more hashpower, there will be a residual income that allows you to get paid each time they do as well. more details here.

The residual income is by far my favorite option of this program. I love earning money of the work I’ve done already for the rest of my time with VCloud mining. Learn more on the Affiliate Program Here. 

There’s more. 

Each time you qualify for a certain rank, you will receive a CASH BONUS. There’s nothing like it. Not only will your contract mining power increase when you rank up, but the amount you make on your affiliates goes up as well.  You can even use your rank achievement bonus  to upgrade your package into a higher earning tier. This system is designed for you to win, as long as you know the ways to do so.

If you join our team here,  you can send us a message in the back office and we will help you build your team as well by giving you tips, tricks and share with you some of the top strategies to win.

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